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GMW Mauritius 

"March 2019 marked the date to our new adventure. Girls Make Waves Mauritius was birthed. What fun it has been to connect every week, with a beautiful group of ladies, who would dare to imagine themselves surfing. Very few are swimmers, some have carried a deep fear of water. So we started at the very beginning . Every session together is an exercise of fitness and strength training. Then,  when we are sufficiently sandy and red faced, we grab long boards and head to the water. 

It has been an incredible delight to see the ladies grow in confidence in handling the surf boards, sitting on and paddling, to stretching their times of holding their breath underwater and basic swimming skills. 

My absolute favorite is seeing fear broken and the beautiful broad smile on each one’s face as they realize that anything is possible. 

We haven’t taken any waves standing up yet, but we have grown into a band of friends who have laughed a lot together, who have spoken of the surf trips we will take around the island , who have encouraged each other to get past the struggles in learning something new. 

Our sessions end, floating in the water and chatting about what we are each making for dinner that night. The sun goes down, we pack up the boards and go each to our own homes. Another great GMW sesh. Until next week."

Yvette Holl, regional Girls Make Waves leader, Mauritius


GMW Mauritius is just getting started. Here are some pictures of the women of Mauritius with regional GMW leader Yvette Holl raising the stoke and getting in the water.

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