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Girls Make Waves is a program started by Tiffany Carothers to provide women and girls from any culture with access to water sports, primarily surfing. We are endlessly inspired by the ability of surfing and sport to empower.


The program builds athleticism into daily routines and is a way for women to have fun together in a safe, equitable space while preserving the boundaries of culture.


Girls Make Waves works with communities where water sports are male-dominated and the women and girls are often stuck in a domestic routine with little opportunity to engage in sports.


Our core projects are currently in Sri Lanka, Hawaii, and Mauritius. We are connected to a wide range of non-profits, female surf clubs, and initiatives forging change from the village to the world stage.

Where we came from

Current projects

Want to support the women involved in these projects?

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"We're all equal before a wave"


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